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What is customer relationship management software (CRM)??

CRM software is a solution to automate your lead process from the date of inquiry tells the date of closing. CRM is a solution that keeps track of your lead life and gives you a status for Lead in a refined manner.
The main goal of the CRM software is to improve overall customer satisfaction and which in turn boost the sales process of the company.

Benefits of using Sales CRM

1.Sales CRM helps to automate your entire sales process.
2.Helps in building quality relationships with the customers
3.Helps in forecasting the future trends of the industry as per the demand of the customer.

CRM Software in India

Stingo CRM - Best CRM Solutions

With Stingo CRM software, you will enjoy the following benefits which includes
1. Optimization of sales productivity with valuables lead insights
2. Formulates the next course of sales pitch based on the available insights
3. Helps in getting the best customer relation by increasing touchpoints with the customer
4. Helping telecallers in maintaining long lists of follow-ups with reminder facility.
5. Prioritization of the leads depending upon the nurturing of the leads
6. Helping in forecasting future trends depends upon the insights.
7. Cloud-based software applications so can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
8. Data security is one of the top priority concerns of our team
9. Our CRM is purely responsive and can be used on any platform effectively.
10. Our CRM support team is highly trained to help you in getting your problem solved at the earliest.

CRM For Small business Sitngo CRM

Implementing CRM software for a small business is a very tedious task and requires a lot of funds to get a customized application.
With stingo CRM you have the facility to get the customized software solution at an affordable price. The price is very affordable for small lean startups

Why Stingo CRM?

We are in the fields of software development for the last 10 years and have a team of more than 10 developers who help us in providing you with customized software solutions with future flexibility.

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