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Real Estate CRM is software which is designed to meet the requirement of Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Brokers, and Telesales. The main aim of the real estate CRM is to take care of the lead response during the full lead cycle from capturing till the closure of the leads.
The real estate CRM is mainly suitable for real estate firms, Broker Firm Etc for selling various types of properties.

Benefits of Real Estate CRM in India

1. Real Estate CRM helps to manage your client database which includes properties like name, type of property required, buying capacity, phone number, etc.
2. CRM ensures 0% leakage in leads in terms of follows as the CRM is well equipped to track the recent follow-ups etc so there is a higher chance of closure of the property.
3. Real Estate CRM can be integrated with multiple channels like call tracking software, inventory management, etc. for an efficient workflow environment and coordination.
4. This type of CRM ensures higher productivity of the agent as the top executive of the company has the track of the work of Real estate agents
5. Real Estate CRM helps to retain more customers as the old data can be churned up very easily.
6. with Real Estate CRM, You can respond to Client Queries in a fast manner.

Real Estate CRM Software India

Features Of Stingo Real Estate CRM

1.It is cost-effective and even small businesses can implement it due to low monthly rental costs.
2. Effective client Database management handling.
3. Visual insights available to get the action plan for lead nurturing.
4. Effective task management facility using reminder facility, follow up facility to manage the data more effectively.
5. Trusted by more than 1000+ users for effectiveness and lead nurturing.
6. In short time response to real-time queries helping in faster lead closure.
7.Automated Agent notification facility for new appointments and site visit facility.
8. Real Estate Pre sales facility to assign the best sales agent for the initial pitch.
9. Best property match or property in budget as per the user requirement and budget.

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