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Every business must have a unique feedback system to listen to their customers voices for improving their services or products. So, this is where our IoT-based customer feedback machine can come of great help. Our machine offers 3 options for customers to give their feedback. Check them out, along with their exclusive features below!

1. Touch/ Button-Based Machine

Our Button-based customer feedback machine comes with two buttons, which your customers need to press to complete their feedback survey. Also, this Wi-Fi facilitated device can be reprogrammed to suit your company particular products or services.


I. Convenient: This is an easy-to-use customer feedback system for you and your customers.

II. Real-time data report: You can view and assess your customer feedback inputted through this device in real-time.

2. QR Scanning-Based System

With our Wi-Fi-enabled QR scanning device, it's too effortless to get your customers' feedback on the go. First, you need to print your company-specific QR code on paper and display it on your premises. Then, ask your customers to connect their phones to Wi-Fi, launch their camera app, and scan the corresponding QR code; they will get direct access to your feedback survey.


I. Customisable: Your QR codes and feedback form are customisable. So, you can personalise the template as per your needs and store them in your cloud.

II. Editable QR code: Even after you complete and download your QR scanning code, the elements linked to it can be edited.

3. Stingo App-Based System

Our Stingo app-based customer feedback system helps businesses to collect customer feedback online. You can easily install the Stingo app on your tablets and customise it on your own premises. In this case, you need to insert multiple product or service-based questions, and your customers will have to give their feedback, along with ratings, by connecting to the Wi-Fi. All these entered feedback of your customers will be stored on the cloud or local server as per your needs. Hence, organise, analyse, and respond to them to improve your products or services.


I. Easy to access: You caneasily access customer reviews from the cloud by logging into the app's admin dashboard at any time from anywhere.

II. Send online updates: You can even announce the launch of new products or their updates to engage with customers who had given feedback before.

Industries that will benefit from our customer feedback machine

If you belong to any of the following industries, you can reap multiple benefits of using our customer feedback machine.

1. Food & restaurants
2. Healthcare
3. Bank
4. IT
5. Logistics
6. Others

So, to get easy access to your customers' feedback data and use insights to make impactful improvements to your services or products, opt for our customer feedback machine today!



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