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Simplify Your Admission Process Now

Attract students by streamlining and automating every step of their admission journey from student inquiries to completed admissions, with ease using top CRM for educational institutions and training centers. Manage documents, turn student inquiries into prospects and nurture them into admissions via automation using top software for educational institutions and training centers.

Key Features of Our CRM Software

User-Friendly Interface: Our CRM and mobile app have been designed with user friendliness in mind; even those without computer expertise can navigate them easily. They're fully configurable to meet any unique business need you might have.

Advanced Automation: Automate lead distribution among your sales team members, manage interactions, and communicate effortlessly with leads, prospects, or customers effortlessly.

Automatic Lead Collection: Wrangling Inbound Leads from Facebook Ads, Justdial Ads, Sulekha APIs and websites directly into CRM through bulk uploads is now possible!

Why Select Stingo CRM?

Stingo CRM has been specifically designed to meet all the admissions needs for educational institutes with automation. Each module of Stingo is created specifically to meet those demands of each educational institute, crm for school and crm for education etc.

Easy to Use:

No technical knowledge is necessary - accessible via mobile app and browser.


Save up to 50% in CRM costs with our advanced features and unlimited data storage capacity.

Student Management:

With easy filtering options, keep track of student details, documents and admission stages with ease.

Notifications & Alerts:

Stay on top of every follow-up opportunity by receiving notifications through various channels to stay informed.

Stingo CRM makes managing inquiries, automated follow-ups, student data, documents, admissions, and communication history more effective, as well as improving your institute


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