Waste Management Software

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Waste Management Software
Stingo ERP provides waste management erp software to manage recycling process. Its complete automation and tracking process department wise.

Transportation Management: In-Out Vehicle Module

1. Gate pass Vehicle In-Out management
2. Vehicle In-Out Time Management
3. Transport Charge Management
4. Processing Charge Management
5. Other charges management if extra size like above 3.5 meter bricks
6. Bricks Breaking charges management

Segregation & Scrap Management:

1. segregation of collected waste management
2. organize the storage of waste material in the warehouse management
3. classification of waste into recyclable and unrecyclable management
4. safer disposal of unrecyclable stuffs management
5. daily recycling limit management like 400 ton management and reports
6. after recycling to get raw product management
7. valuable product management
8. compliance with government regulations regarding waste disposal to avoid environmental hazards
9. setting standards and monitoring the effective implementation of the standard control mechanism

Machinery Management Module: Process Manager

1. Manage maintenance calendar and maintenance contracts
2. Internal maintenance and sub-contractor of maintenance works management
3. Manage the repair and maintenance work of the machinery used for waste treatment
4. Timely maintenance of different types of machines used for recycling management

Stock & Inventory Management Module:

1. Raw Materials Order Request
2. Search by date Raw Materials Order Progress
3. Current Raw Materials stock Dashboard
4. Damage Raw Materials Records
5. Raw Materials Received Entry
6. Search by date/products Raw Materials Received
7. Current Raw Materials received Dashboard
8. Raw Materials received damage Records
9. Total Raw Products Stock
10. Search by date/products Stock
11. Current Raw Products Dashboard

Sales Order & Dispatch Management Module:

1. Customer Search ( either name or mobile)
2. New Customer add
3. Default Customer (like Walk in Customer) will be default by fill customer tab
4. Discount
5. Products Search
6. Special Notes
7. Cash, Due Accounts.
8. Hold Sales
9. Sales Search by Date
10. By Customer
11. By Operator
12. By Area
13. By Cash Sales, Due Sales, Accounts Customer Sales, Owners Rep Sales
14. Sales Update

Financial & Accounting Management Module:

1. Search By date
2. Search by Name
3. Search by Area
4. Options for payment Received
5. Show at least 5 Recent payment received Dashboard with due and time
6. Update payment received

Expenses Management
1. Search by Date
2. Search by Category
3. Total Expense Dash Board
4. Current Expenses at least shows by today Date and time Dashboard

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