Mobile GPS based attendance marking

Track attendance in a smart way with Mobile GPS

With Geo based, an employee can now mark attendance through a GPS enabled smartphone. The STINGO APP application captures the employee attendance online with the exact date, time and location coordinates & selfie and is one of the safest and secure ways of marking attendance.

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Manager reviews attendance workflows

Since the entire Office start & Office end records are captured systematically with Selfie, the manager can review the employee's attendance and then approve it. The managers also get to add his comments on any employee’s marked attendance that is invalid. On the other hand, employees also get access to their attendance log with information like date, time, location, selfie, and comments on their STINGO APP.

  • Track, Locate & Monitor


    Attendance & Leave

    Admin or Manager can Accept or Reject Attendance based on GPS Location History and Meeting details.



    User can add expense details with supported documents.



    Monitor field staff’s activity and efficiency along with distance, duration and performance.


    Report generation

    The STINGO is capable of generating different-2 types of reports apart from the endless customisation options. You can get customized reports of field staff on single click. And get present, absent on monthly basis of each employees.